Orlegi Sports and Atlas FC unite with Sabormex to support the heros of Estadio Jalisco

27 de Mayo de 2020. 2:58 pm.

It's during the most dificult of times that communities need to come together, and at Orlegi Sports, we know that serving others is the best way to show sportsmanship off the field.

Our gameday staff are essential workers who put in the hours and attend to our fans. They're the first friendly faces you'll see when you step foot into the stadiums that many of us call home.

They're ticketing, security and access point personnel, concession workers, and those who run the behind-the-scenes most of us likely won't see.

They make up a large and important part of the gameday experience that young kids dream of, and that families and friends count on to keep their union alive on the weekends.

Most of them have been out of work since the pandemic began in mid-March.

That is why we've united on three different fronts to recognize of all those who make it possible for us to live the magic of gameday.

Through our social responsibility platform Valor Rojinegro, Atlas FC is one of three Orlegi Sports teams joining forces with Sabormex to give back, handing out 1,400 care packags at Estadio Jalisco to our game day staff who have been unable to carry out their gameday duties since play was suspended.

Over two days, volunteers have set up designated areas within the stadium where the care packages are distributed, while adhearing dilligently to social distancing guidelines and health and safety precautions set forth by the health secretariat during the pandemic.

Family supports family, and now, more than ever, we're united in the face of adversity.

"All of you who make it possible for Estadio Jalisco to open its doors and play, for those of you who enable it to function marvillously so that it's a much more enjoyable place for our loyal fans who accompany us ... today in particular, for all of you, in the name of Grupo Orlegi and Sabormex, it's a privilege and a pleasure," said head coach Rafael Puente in a video message.

"It's a simple show of affection and appreciation for those who deserve it, because every one of you are fundamental for us."

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