Rojinegras ready to conquer 2020 Apertura

02 de Julio de 2020. 2:14 pm.

Guadalajara, Jalisco, July 2, 2020 - The objective is set, and the steps necessary to achieve excellence have been defined for las Rojinegras.

With less than three weeks until the return of soccer, Atlas FC Femenil's squad is armed with 27 players ready to continue after the 2020 Clausura was cut short, where they finished with a 7-1-1 record and held second place in goals scored and conceded (18 and 7).

Head coach Fernando Samayoa has since bolstered his squad with two reinforcements and three younger incorporations to provide depth and continue with the club's philosophy and developing from within.

29 year old defender Stephany Anaya will complement the squad with her experience and and Vanessa González, who joins from Tigres, will bolster the competitive aspect with two championships already under her belt at 21 years old.

Additionally, Alejandra Lomelí, Deyanira Villalobos and Kimberly Cuevas were added to round things out and continue their development processes at one of the best clubs for youth formation in the Americas.



Gabriela Paz, Nicole Buenfil and Danna Rodríguez.


Areli Martínez, Alejandra Franco, Karla García, Mitzi Martínez, Julissa Dávila, Fernanda Limón, Valentina de La Mora, Stephany Anaya and Kimberly Cuevas.


Zellyka Arce, Andrea García, Janeth Hernández, Alexa Curiel, Valeria Razo, Joana Robles, Ana Rodríguez and Vanessa González.


Ana García, Alison González, Fabiola Ibarra, Adriana Iturbide, Paola García, Deyanira Villalobos and Alejandra Lomelí.

Our DNA:

During Samayoa's tenure, 16 players have started their professional careers in the Liga MX Femenil and seven of them were formed under the club's youth development philosophy.

Apertura 2018: Alejandra Franco, Andrea García, Karla García, Adriana Iturbide, Diana Luna, Areli Martínez, Joana Robles and Ana Rodríguez.

Clausura 2019: Valeria Razo, Paola Aranda and Fernanda Limón.

Apertura 2019: Janeth Hernández and Danna Rodríguez.

Clausura 2020: Alexa Curiel, Valentina de La Mora and Paola García.

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